Friday, 9 September 2011

Meet me at the Forum

If you can, that is!  I have a new page, on to which I have been attempting to put a forum - for the past several hours.....

So, I have a page, I have a forum and they are connected, just not as intimately as I was hoping - the forum is reachable through a link, which isn't what I really wanted.  But for right now, it will have to do.  I don't dare delete it and start again as I am afraid that to delete it would make the entire blog disappear, if not the entire worldwide web.  I may be over reacting, but it is Friday night and I am by now a little fraught!

OK, I am off to watch some meaningless tosh on the TV, tomorrow I shall gird my loins to wrestle with the forum again and hopefully we shall have something lovely to post on by Sunday.  Please do cross your fingers!


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