Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thrifty Thursday: A Discount Code for Cousin Hunting

I have to confess that most of what rolls past me on the Twitter feed goes unnoticed, but here is something that did catch my eye.  I have mentioned on my resources page that Ancestry.UK has a partnership with Living Relative Search.  Their purpose is clear from the name.  Like other similar sites, you enter your lost cousin's name, they match it to their databases and give you the results - for a fee.  I have had one success (and I sneakily didn't pay - you get 10 searches for free, although not all the free results show complete records.  Luckily, the information I needed was complete) and found a second cousin, so I guess in that case it would have definitely been worth paying.

Anyway, I follow Living Relative Search on Twitter and yesterday they were giving out a 20% discount code.  Here's the code:  8R68-8Z2C.  If you are looking for family in the UK, it may be worth a look.  Good luck!


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