Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Looking for Lost Cousins in Bristol?

If your family history has a Bristolian element ( the original Bristol, in the UK) you might like to check out Paul Townsend's website, The Changing Face of Bristol.  The site is non-profit making and designed for people with an interest in both Bristol's local history and family history.

Paul Townsend, a local historian, has an unparalleled collection of photographs of Bristol past which is interesting in itself.  He also provides a link through to the "Know your Place" website, which provides historic maps of Bristol and its environs.  There is a small collection of archive video too.

Of most interest to cousin hunters is the message forum, where you can ask for information about family members, places and general Bristol information.  There are of course many other forums, probably better advertised, but perhaps a local query would get a better response from a local forum.  If you need a link to The Changing Face of Bristol, forum, you just got one!


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