Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Long Wait

Earlier in the week I decided to investigate a branch of the family I hadn't really tried before:  my maternal grandmother's siblings.  I actually have a few photographs of some of the sisters, but maddeningly no-one thought to write names on the back.  My grandmother seems to have fallen out with her sisters (it seems to be a Welsh trait - my other grandmother did exactly the same thing) so they weren't spoken about much.  I have found all their names, but haven't devoted any time really to tracing them or their families.

So, I spent a very long evening cross-referencing records from Ancestry (gave myself a migraine into the bargain :-0 ) and think that I have put together a very good picture of one of my grandmother's sister's family.  This afternoon I have extended the search by visiting Facebook and again cross-referencing names from the family story I built and I believe that I have tracked down a couple of second cousins.  Seeing as I had given myself a migraine, I felt that there had to be a pay-off, so I have sent a message to one of these putative cousins and I am now awaiting an answer.  It may never come, she may just think I am some Facebook scam artist.  But I am keeping my fingers crossed, and will let you know ....


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