Still Hunting

I am still seeking out these cousins:

The family of Edwin Brown and Mattie Irene Owen

Edwin Brown was one of my great-uncles.  He was born in 1894 in Bristol to Richard Henry Brown and Ellen Warren.  Edwin served with the St John Ambulance in WW1 and after the war took over the family's pork butcher's shop on the Wells Road, Bristol.  He married Mattie Owen in 1926 and they definitely had one daughter, Pauline, in 1930.  The couple moved to Dorset, where Edwin died in 1971.

Pauline married (I believe) in 1954 and moved to Rutland.  She may have had two children, Kenneth and Lynne (not entirely sure on this).  Pauline has recently emigrated to New Zealand with her daughter.  (I know Pauline's married name, but am not publishing it).

The family of Harold Brown and Olive Prosser

Harold Brown is one of the older brother's of Edwin, above.  He worked for the railway in Bristol and served with the Gloucester Husssars and Royal Engineers in WW1.  I am in contact with the families of his two daughters, but would like to trace the family of his son Raymond.  Raymond lived for a time in North Somerset, but I lose track of him in the late 1970s.

The family of Bernard Toal

Bernard Toal was the brother of my grandfather James Toal.  He was born in 1892, the second son of James Toal and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald.  He emigrated with the family from Liverpool to the USA around 1894.  The two boys returned to Liverpool in 1901 after the death of their mother and were brought up by their maternal grandparents.  Bernard joined the Royal Artillery prior to 1911 and survived WW1.

My family have no knowledge of what Bernard did after the war, though I have found two possible marriages and therefore have a pool of names of possible cousins.  However, there is always the possibility that Bernard returned to the USA (New Jersey/Philadelphia area) where he had lived as a boy and where he had extended family.


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